Garden Refit – Surbiton

The Green Kiwi was appointed to refit a garden in Surbiton, Surrey.

The below picture indicates the condition of the garden at the start of the project.

Garden Refit – Surbiton 1 708x396 1

The brief undertaken included ‘breaking up’ an old concrete patio, creating a new raised patio, creating a raised brick bed, lining the existing concrete pathway with reclaimed bricks (which can be seen in the photo above), re-turfing each side of the pathway, constructing a sleeper bed, creating a winding path with stepping stones and marble shingle, partitioning the garden with trellis, constructing a metal shed and planting beds and borders with shrubs, trees and flowers.

Mid-Project – Construction of raised bed and patio

Garden Refit – Surbiton 2 708x396 1

Finished Project – Raised bed, patio and pathway

Garden Refit – Surbiton 3 708x529 1

Finished Project – Patio, sleeper bed, lawn

Garden Refit – Surbiton 4 708x529 1

Finished Project – Lawn, trellis, tree planting, metal shed (left)

Garden Refit – Surbiton 5 708x529 1

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